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Shark Graveyard in San Nicolas


I recently visited the Sea of ​​Cortes. In San Nicolas, I found a lagoon near the beach, where they had accumulated hundreds of heads and skeletons of sharks and mobulas. Mainly appeared Makos.

I’m not sure if the activity is legal or illegal. I asked locals about finding so many sharks, who had fished them? Was it them or a fleet of boats? Unfortunately they ignored me.

I understand that local fishermen have the right to survive, and perhaps the catch is within legal limits, but seeing the number of sharks in the photos, I found the practice highly unsustainable.

I sent the photos, hoping to be a help. The photos contain GPS coordinates where they were taken:

Shark Graveyard Gallery

It is not my intention to create discomfort with the fishing community. I think the fisherman would want to help conserve this sea. I want these these photos to help educate, not to punish communities that already have enough problems to survive.

I trust your judgment, I’m available if you need more information.



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