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Biosphere needs vigilance day and night.

Without vigilance, where there are fish someone will always try to kill them


November 1: LEFT Marina costa Baja at 5:30 7692 on port hour meter. took on 2400 liters at 10.85. Stayed at salt lake lot of caballitos water 84 degrees.
November 2 went to Islotes spent day wind south till 1:00 PM Stayed at Ensenada Grande strong winds from North that night. water 84.5

November 3 Got to Islotes and stayed all day again. At about 5:45 a boat La Orca came in and put two night divers in the water with lights. When the deckhand started to hand them a spear gun we honked the horn and went to the boat to tell them that this was a reserve and no spearguns allowed. Contacted OC boat to check them out and left for Amortajada where we slept in 15 knot west winds. OC boat arrived 40 minutes later and La Orca was gone.

Nov. 4th Went to Animas and spent the day. 84.3 water. No big fish. Sea lions plentiful. Mostly male. Stayed at Palma Solo rocked all night west wind wrap around

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  1. Would love to help as a powerboater and family that enjoys the beauty of the sea of Cortez. What about a flag system that we could buy and fly that could put off boats that pull into bays that we might be anchored in. All deterants would help. Keep up the great work. Chris.

    Chris · Feb 19, 19:32 · #

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