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Warehouse found with over 13,000 illegal pepinos (sea cucumbers)

If a dry cucumber weighed 25g then, the korean seizure was about 13.040 pieces , equivalent to 326kg.

In the latest assessments made ​​by the fishermen along with SEMARNAT biologists about the Fuscus Cucumber using the same pattern density, they were able to find 4 pieces per 60m2 (transects 15 m long and 4 meters wide) this means that to obtain the amount of dry cucumber that was involved (326kg) was due to have exploited an area of ​​195.6 km2 or what could be similar to travel a distance along the coast from marina Singlar to El Rosario in front of Cerralvo island and / or have been extracting it from marinas where density is higher since it became an ideal habitat for this specie.

As this is an illegal activity all data are approximate, but talks with the fishermen are very close to reality.

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