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Revillagigedo: A Paradise at Risk

Oct 13, 2008


A natural paradise is in serious danger, because of illegal commercial fishing.

Revillagigedo Island overview

Sep 22, 2008

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Thirty years ago the Revillagigedo Islands were one of the richest archipelagos in the Eastern Pacific. World famous for the abundance of apex predators like hammerhead sharks, giant pacific mantas, and yellowfin tuna, these islands have now been decimated by over-exploitation.

19 Commercial tuna seiners move into Cabo for football sized tuna (Hot Issues)

Aug 17, 2008

Eastern Pacific Ocean yellowfin tuna populations have declined drastically. Mike McGettigan, founder of Sea Watch notes that data from the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission show eastern Pacific yellowfin catch having dropped from 423,000 tons in 2002 to 174,000 tons in 2006. “That’s a 60 percent drop,” McGettigan points out. “And the average weigh has also fallen during the same period from 15 kilos [about 33 pounds] to 7.8 kilos [about 17 pounds], or about 49 percent.”

Drift Gillnet Fleet Decimates Revillagigedo Island Marine Reserve

Aug 17, 2008

On about April 29th a fleet of seven 70 to 90 ton drift gillnet boats, carrying 2 miles of net each surrounded San Benedicto Island, which is the home of the world’s largest Giant Pacific Mantas and for 4 to 5 days decimated the sealife in this famous MexicanMarine Park.

Death nets illegally at San Benedicto

Aug 17, 2008

The loss of marine life was staggering. Where we were used to seeing dozens of sharks in previous years on each dive, no sharks were seen alive during the entire time we visited this Island. How many turtles and manta rays do we have to spare? To this day illegal boats continue to illegally fish in the biosphere at the Revillagigedo Islands.

Veda total en Las revillagigedo

Benedicto Hernandea Zepeda, El Peninsular, Jul 28, 2008

Diario Oficial Poder Ejecutivo

Jul 28, 2008

DECRETO por el que se declara como área natural protegida con el carácter de reserva de la biosfera, la región conocida como Archipiélago de Revillagigedo, integrada por cuatro áreas: Isla San Benedicto, Isla Clarión o Santa Rosa, Isla Socorro o Santo Tomás e Isla Roca Partida.

Commercial Fishing Hurts Pelagic

Carlos Villavicencia, El Peninsular, Jul 20, 2008

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