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Biosphere needs vigilance day and night. (Hot Issues)

Nov 29, 2011

Without vigilance, where there are fish someone will always try to kill them

Pistoleros are Killing the bay

Dec 22, 2009


Pistoleros are killing the Bay of La Paz. About 6 years ago, while other methods of catching fish had rapidly declined night time spearfishing became the last productive method of killing large and profitable reef fish. 25 to 40 boats kill 3-5 tons of reef fish daily, that’s over 1000 TONS EACH YEAR. (Narrated in English) Read more

Panga longliners de Manzanillo - Why the sail fish are severely depleted (Hot Issues)

Aug 9, 2009

Panga longliners started about 1985 when about 200 permits were issued in Manzanillo for shark. The by catch of sailfish and dorado was about 90% of the total catch. These pangas were landing between 150-200 tons of Sailfish

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